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    I came to inSSIDer from NetStumbler due to lack of support on modern Windows. I can run it under Win2K on a virtual machine, but it's clunky, due to having to set up direct hardware access in the VM. Using Google Earth is not really a practical option for me for a couple reasons. First, importing a GPX file into Google plots bazillions of waypoints, mostly duplicates, and they're not filtered as to network configuration, so everything shows up...multiple times, with huge labels that make the map illegible. It's pretty much a mess. Plotting translated KML files gets the same thing with an added step. Secondly, Google Earth is completely Web dependent, and I'm not interested in the pretty pictures. Microsoft Streets and Trips or MapPoint does pretty much do the same thing with GPX files, only it takes much longer to get the same mess.

    Cut to the chase. I have been using DeLorme Street Atlas since the mid 90's. It's head and shoulders above other mapping / GPS programs. However, there was never an easy way to get NetStumbler files into it, until now.

    Export inSSIDer to NS1 file.
    Open the NS1 file in NetStumbler, filter out secured AP's and export to Summary.txt file.
    Open Summary.txt file in GPSBabel, Use MAC as ShortName, filter out duplicates, and convert to DeLorme .AN1 (draw) file.
    Open any map in DeLorme and use your AN1 file as a draw layer.

    Boom... beautiful little red flags for each AP, filtered precisely as you like, and not cluttered with useless, redundant labels, and you can turn the flags on and off with a mouse click. It works pretty much like NetStumbler, Stumbverter, and Mappoint used to work in the old days before MS changed the MapPoint file format, except DeLorme is a much nicer mapping program, and well worth the low price that includes a GPS receiver and optional phone data.

    It sounds more cumbersome than it really is. It took me all day to come up with the right combination, but once configured, the NS1 file can become nice, neat waypoints in a minute or less.

    BTW, GPSBabel is the Swiss Army Knife of GPS-related file translation, and if you use a different mapping program, it may well be able to do some nice things for you.

    Now, if inSSIDer only made a little "ding" sound when a new AP pops up...
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