I'm new to the forum and indeed the world of looking at wifi signals.
I have a 3 storey house with a lodger on the top floor, he complained that his wifi signal was very weak so i installed a universal repeater.
I became conerned that somethig was not right when both my laptop and my mobile phone struggled to obtain an ip address. my mobile phone drops it's wifi signal frequently since installing the repeater. My lodger says his wifi keeps falling off too. So I installed the inssider software after talking to a friend who is more tech savvy than me. I looked at the time graph. I could see both my original router and the new repeater, the original router shows as a fairly level line but the repeater is zig zagging all of the time. I wondered of ths zig zagging was normal?

Thank you in advance for your help, like I said I am new to all of this