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Thread: Is this worth Pursuing?

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    Default Is this worth Pursuing?

    I've used a modified version of spectools, Raspberry PI and node.js to build a remotely accessible spectrum analyzer too. Should work with cell phones as well. Would this be useful to anyone?

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    Hey that's pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!

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    I have an early version of this online:

    I've only tested it on google chrome so far.

    If anyone is interested in this let me know. I'd like to get some ideas for features.

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    Yes it is worth for pursuing, thanks for sharing the link. I will definitely check and try with your ideas. Check out this site you can get some more ideas here.

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    I haven't tried this out but yeah indeed it is worth pursuing. After 5 years, it must have great progress already. Scott P (Palm Beach SEO)


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