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Thread: Why? No Wi-Spy Devoces

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    Default Why? No Wi-Spy Devoces

    I understand Wi-Spy is not a network card, and that I need to use my built in wireless card for network data.

    When I plug in the Wi-Spy 2.4i device (with no extender antenna) to USB the first time it installs USB software. Each time the device is plugged or unplugged I hear Windows audible reminder.

    But it doesn't seem to make any difference whether the device is plugged in or not with Chanalyzer 4. I've seen recommendations to look at the waterfall view. But I don't see any tab named like that in the UI. And again, on the lower right corner status bar it says "No Wi-Spy Devices".

    I'm running Windows 7 Pro.

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    Wi-Spy 2.4i works with Chanalyzer Lite. Download it here.
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    After searching in the forums I see info that may be important, so will add it.

    In Windows Device Manager the device shows up under Human Interface Devices.

    Device description: USB Input Device

    Hardware Ids:

    Bus reported device description:
    Wi-Spy 2.4i

    While typing I see a reply to download chanalyzer lite. so will give this a try.

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    Default It works!

    Chanalizer Lite shows the displays. Now I can dig in and see what is causing our iPhones to drop connection on the 2.4 band. Thanks for your help.

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