Hi guys, I need a 54n replacement for a belkin f5d7130 AP

my config is

  1. cable company supplied netgear
  2. a 60' run of cat 5 out to barn
  3. the belkin 54g f5d7130
  4. 3 .. 4 wifi MacOS clients

I don't go wireless out to the barn as there are several good solid stone walls in the way. The belkin does a good job of forwarding DHCP requests back to the cable modem but is (a) a 54g with all the hit on performance (b) seems to be noisy ( i get worse RSSI values out there than in the neighbour hood of the main modem)

So recommendations please for a 54n AP that can handle the CAT5 back to the modem -- an apple AirPort AP I had lying about wont do this neither will the NetGear universal extender