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Thread: Newbie - Question on Time Graph profile

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    Default Newbie - Question on Time Graph profile

    I am so new to this method of system monitoring that I'm not sure what question to ask...!!!

    Here goes: WIN XP Pro - Netgear WNDR4000
    Please see attached pic of Time Graph...

    Question: The signal obviously spikes... I have several machines which seem to loose network connectivity periodically and then regain it... sometimes they just don't reconnect... is this profile normal or do I have something set wrong...?

    I have a Netgear WNDR4500 ready to install but I want to resolve this issue first if I could...

    Please help/educate me...
    Thanks in advance...
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    Seeing spikes like that are normal. Some wireless cards are all over the place when they report the signal strength. To be sure, I'd recommend trying another computer to see if the same thing happens.

    That said, your signal strength is excellent. Generally, -30 dBm is as good as it ever gets, and -70 dBm is generally unusable.

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    Thanks Joel...
    The signal strength is really good because the machine (portable hp) is sitting next to the router... :-)
    Machines farther away and even one that is direct connected seems to continually LOOSE and RECONNECT to the internet very frequently... per Netgear Genie messages...
    Very frustrating...
    Is there any place you can direct me to to help me understand more of what I should know about this issue...
    Thanks again...

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    Hi Ed,

    You could be suffering from non-Wi-Fi interference. Have you tried moving your AP to another channel? See if channel 1 or channel 11 work any better.


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