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Thread: Help identify strange network

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    Default Help identify strange network

    Hi. I just started using inSSIDer. Great tool. I have a network showing up that is tracking very closely to my own. It is also channel 1, and the signal strength tracks very closely to mine.

    The Security field flashes from Open to WEP to WPA-PSK. The MAC Address is 00:00:00:00.... The 802.11 is g,n. My network is just g.

    I have an Actiontec DSL model / router with broadcasting my network. Is this "ghost network" also coming out of my router? Can I configure it to stop? Is it supposed to be there?

    Thanks for any help.

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    More info is needed.
    What is the model # of your router?
    Post an inSSIDer screen shot that shows the network.
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