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Thread: Installing inSSIDER for HOME

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    Default Installing inSSIDER for HOME


    I have just downloaded and attempted to install inSSIDer for HOME and the installation failed. The resulting error form Event Viewer is:

    Product: inSSIDer 3 -- Error 1305. Error reading from file D:\Users\BEAR 06\Downloads\inSSIDer-installer.msi. System error 0. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    Any ideas on what caused the error and how I can get the application to install.



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    Try downloading a fresh file. The one you have may be corrupted and/or the path may not be accessible.
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    Thanks for the reply, however, it is not a corrupted file; as I successfully installed the program on another machine without re-downloading the installer.

    On the evidence I have access to, I believe, the version I downloaded was 32bit only and not 32/64bit. I only struck the error when I attempted to install the program on a Windows 7 64bit machine, however, the program installed without error on a Vista 32bit machine. Maybe the error could be related to OS, as Windows 7 (via its Compatibility option) reported the installer I downloaded was incompatible with Windows 7 64bit.

    However, regardless of the above, I have the program installed and working and providing information on the wireless landscape in my area.

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    Since my last message have solved the problem with installing the program on my 64bit machine; I moved the install file to another location and problem solved. Yes, I should have paid more attention to what the error message was saying and move the file in the first place.

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    Hi wifi999,

    Glad to hear that you got it working! Keep in mind that inSSIDer 3 is fully 32 and 64-bit compatible. We've tested it thoroughly on both platforms to be sure.


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