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I thinks Chanalyzer Lab have a bug
It's possible that this is a harmonic or a ghost, because it looks like the 5100 MHz signature is more active when the 5308 MHz signature is also active. In some rare cases, the Wi-Spy can show a "ghosting" effect in 5 GHz, but typically it's UNII-3 activity causing a ghost in UNII-2e, not UNII-1 activity causing ghosting down by 5100 MHz. Not only is the issue pretty rare... this would be a very unusual manifestation of that issue.

The other thing to consider here is that the Wi-Spy DBx is being tuned outside of the normal operating frequencies. We tune it for 5.150-5.850, with 4900-5925 being an optional, untuned frequency range that only Chanalyzer Lab and Chanalyzer 5 + Lab Accessory allow you to tune to. Outside of the default frequencies, it should be reasonably accurate, but it isn't tuned specifically for that and is best suite for light-duty spectrum analysis work in those frequency ranges.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.