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Thread: Clear ANALYZE window

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    Default Clear ANALYZE window

    Is there any way to clear the data in the ANALYZER window of inSSIDer for Office? Previously starred network's data doesn't go away after they are un-starred.

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    Bueller, Bueller, Anyone? Is there a way to clear data in the ANALYZE window besides closing inSSIDER & re-opening?

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    Hi davige,

    Sorry that I didn't see your thread right away! Things have been a bit busy here at MetaGeek...

    inSSIDer for Office allows you to star up to 8 networks at a time. Since many networks have more than 8 access points, and since selecting more than 8 would be cumbersome, we decided to let tips persist. This allows network engineers with more than 8 AP's to keep a running list of things they need to address.

    If you are moving to a completely new project on a different network, I'd recommend closing inSSIDer when you are finished, and opening it again when you are ready to start the new project.


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