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Thread: No Wi-Fi Devices Connected

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    Default No Wi-Fi Devices Connected

    I installed inSSIDer and it is currently not doing anything because under "WI-FI ADAPTER" it says, "No Wi-Fi Devices Connected". I am currently on the internet through wi-fi, I'm on my desktop connected to an Asus RT-N12 router.

    From what I can find, inSSIDer won't work since I don't have a dedicated wireless card? Or is something just setup wrong?

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    What is the model of the wi-fi card in the machine where inSSIDer is installed?
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    I do not have a wi-fi card installed in the machine itself. I have a Asus RT-N12 router that is in "repeater" mode.

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    inSSIDer requires a wi-fi card to provide the data that it reports.
    In other words inSSIDer talks to the wi-fi card and is not capable of receiving wi-fi signals directly.
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    um.... ok. Well I just want to see the available wi-fi networks and a bit of info on them. I guess I need to find another program. Any suggestions?

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    To see wi-fi networks you must have a wi-fi receiver.
    I suggest that you buy a usb wi-fi adapter. They are very inexpensive.
    Prices start at less than $10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ua549 View Post
    They are very inexpensive. Prices start at less than $10.
    I really like this one.


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