InSSIDer v3 is horrible compared to v2! Switching from v2 to v3 is like going from the best Wi-Fi analyzer to the worst.

* v3 stops working if I disable, then enable Wi-Fi adapter! v2 always worked perfectly!

* Network graphs are blurry, they hurt my eyes! v2 graphs were perfect!

* Why did you remove large timegraph with all networks? It wasn't bad at all!

* Why some of the features are available ONLY with keyboard hotkeys? How to get back the tooltip with hotkeys, which I accidentally closed?

* "Learn" tab is useful once, "Networks" tab is useful always. Why can't I start with "Networks" tab active?

* v3 doesn't always exit properly, I have to kill the process manually!

* Multiple other problems are reported here, like CPU hogging and inability to use low-res screens.

In my opinion, nothing's better in v3! Except for your ads in "Learn" tab, and useless Link Score. It's like after inSSIDer gained popularity, quality became unimportant.