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Thread: inSSIDer V3 vs V2

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    Thumbs down inSSIDer V3 vs V2

    InSSIDer v3 is horrible compared to v2! Switching from v2 to v3 is like going from the best Wi-Fi analyzer to the worst.

    * v3 stops working if I disable, then enable Wi-Fi adapter! v2 always worked perfectly!

    * Network graphs are blurry, they hurt my eyes! v2 graphs were perfect!

    * Why did you remove large timegraph with all networks? It wasn't bad at all!

    * Why some of the features are available ONLY with keyboard hotkeys? How to get back the tooltip with hotkeys, which I accidentally closed?

    * "Learn" tab is useful once, "Networks" tab is useful always. Why can't I start with "Networks" tab active?

    * v3 doesn't always exit properly, I have to kill the process manually!

    * Multiple other problems are reported here, like CPU hogging and inability to use low-res screens.

    In my opinion, nothing's better in v3! Except for your ads in "Learn" tab, and useless Link Score. It's like after inSSIDer gained popularity, quality became unimportant.

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    Sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying our free version of inSSIDer! We value your feedback, and we'd like to help you solve some of the stability problems you've been having. If you'd like to work on them, please email us at Thanks!

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    I suggest that v3 is fine for casual users who have little need to detail. v2 is the one for techies like myself.

    Thank you for both! --Dan in St. Louis


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