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Thread: InSSIDer compatibility with Windows XP

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    Default InSSIDer compatibility with Windows XP

    I have a laptop computer running Windows XP, with all patches and service packs up to date, and I run InSSIDer version on it. The software gave me a notification about upgrading to version 3+, although the system requirements indicate Windows Vista / 7 / 8. Does that mean that I have to stick with the older version of the software for the foreseeable future? The computer belongs to the company I work for, so shelling out the cash to update this computer's OS is out of the question unless I have a very good excuse. And of course, to the company bean counters, upgrading a software package that is perfectly functional in its current version does not count as a "very good excuse."

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    Stick with the inSSIDer version that you have -
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    OK, thanks!


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