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    I'm new here in the forum but I have been using inssider for some months already. I have a problem with the wireless connection in my cafe. In the summertime here in Greece everyone stands outside and want to access the internet from there. That's why I want to extend my wireless signal to the cafe garden.
    I am using an access point and a repeater but it always gets disconnected after a while or after some hours. There are a lot of wireless connections around the place and I think that's the problem that causes the disconnection.

    Any ideas on what I can try ?
    here is also a diagramm who shows how is the place and how i have connect the devices.

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    Im thinking about another one solution with power line and an access point....but i dont know if that will work....never tried here is what im thinking to do...
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    any help is welcome.....thanks
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    I like the PowerLine adapter idea much better than the repeater idea. You can't have many electrical exchanges between each adapter though, as they are designed to work in residential applications, not two separate buildings with two different meters. Probably couldn't hurt to try though!

    Personally, I'd probably connect the cafe access point to the router with a 5 GHz backhaul, and then use 2.4 GHZ at the cafe for users to connect to. That might get tricky with SOHO/off the shelf hardware though, not sure if it's possible.

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    Hi Joel....yes i will give it a try with the not in the same bulding but it belongs to this anyway we pay one bill for the electricity so i hope it works!!!
    Somebody from d-link told me today about to connect two access points with wds function....he says it works fine....will the time i already order and waiting the power line adapters.....

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    I shy away from WDS because it cuts the available bandwidth in half. That might not be a problem for a cafe though. I'd hang onto the receipts for the PowerLine adapters, and open the boxes carefully. If you are on two separate meters, they might not be able to talk to each other. Not speaking from experience though!


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