I'm trying to get me hands on a spectrum analyzer but would like to get a head start if possible.

I have a problem where my home signal is interrupted. Have done minor testing with inSIDDer (XP and Android). On both the time graphs, I see full scale positive (clipped often) spikes. These sometimes coincide with the interruption and other times not. Height of spike doesn't coincide either. The spikes occur often and are randomly spaced. Viewing in the channel graph, Android version shows ch 6 and sometimes ch 10 going to full scale or clipped well exceeding my level. In the XP version, I see movement in these areas but they never exceed my level. I have a 300bps 802.11n dual antenna DSL modem connected to my main PC. The XP has an 802.11n 300 device also and not sure of speed of Android wifi. I've tried my device on ch 1, 4, 6, 8 and 11 and no difference. Speed is fine except for interruptions. I do fine that the spikes continue at night but are less often.

No bluetooth or cordless in my place. Microwave doesn't change anything when on.

Went to neighbors house and he is on ch 6 and has a simple 54 bps DSL modem and saw the same on both my devices.

Any suggestions of places to look into?