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    We have reports of frequent wireless drops in a 25 Story commercial building. Using Channalyzer Pro DBX I found this every 20-60 seconds or so, something is generating a signal touches all frequencies in 5 Ghz band. Anyone seen anything like this before?Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like very low level background noise. It would be more useful if you attached a .wsx file that can be viewed in Channalyzer.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Please see attached .Wsx file. I tried walking around and see if it was stronger at certain places. Some of the blue bands are not obvious on the waterfall pane but very obvious on the detail pane.
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    I still do not see any signals that can have a negative effect on your wi-fi network. The non-wifi signals I see are very low. In addition to noise generated by machinery and other equipment, the 5 GHz spectrum is widely used by other services such as radar, maritime radio navigation and satellite based communications. I suspect the connection drops are associated with other interfering signals that have not been recorded. Has a complete site survey been done recently?
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    Looks like a nice, clean environment for your wireless network! We see a little bit of activity from devices probing for networks, but other than that, it's quiet!


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