Hi All,

I've been asked to look into some issues in a serviced apartment building. There are about 90 small apartments which are mainly used by professionals. They are unoccupied during the day, and all the activity is between 6pm and midnight. They complain of drop-outs and issues using the wifi. We've installed an ADSL router with 802.11bg in each (single-chain 2.4GHz).

I have been in today to check with chanalyser. It seems there are normal signatures for 2.4GHz wifi, but while there I noticed a problem with the microwaves. The builders installed this model of microwave (Siemens) in every apartment, so during the evenings there is potential for interference. It seems to be centered around channel 11, but the whole spectrum is affected to some degree.

Attached is the recording. You can clearly see when the microwave is on. Any advice in this particular scenario? Would we benefit from 802.11n and/or dual-band APs?

I am planning to go back in there in the evening and get another capture.

as microwave.wsx