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Thread: Chanalyzer Pro program will not run - trial expired (Vista)

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    Default Chanalyzer Pro program will not run - trial expired (Vista)


    I installed Chanalyzer Pro and it ran fine for a periode. (Vista)

    Trial expired before i entered the License Key - could that be the problem? - how do you enter the license key if the program won't run..............

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted user file, deleted files in regedit and so on, but it still won't run ???

    You can see the program for a second in the Joblist

    InSSIDer works fine, but is also uninstalled alongside any Metageek software.......

    Jens, Bang & Olufsen Beostore, Denmark

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    Hi Jens,

    I'd try reinstalling .NET Framework 4.0. That might take care of it!

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    Hi Joel.

    Let's continue here. No reson to keep it on mail if someone else could use any solution to the problem.

    I have now reinstalled .NET Framework 4.0 - (and deleted user info under AppData) but that didn't solve it either......



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    Default SOLVED - with Rollback

    SOLVED !

    Made a Rollback prior to Chanalyzer Pro install. Reinstalled Chanalyze Pro and everything worked again.


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