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    Default Color By Utilization

    If has transfer data between Access point and client on channel 6
    SSID "sniffing_System"
    will cause high density and color it red like on figure

    I understand correct?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Blue means infrequent (less than 10 percent of the time), green means 20 percent, yellow means 30-40, and red means at least 50 percent of the airtime is in use.

    It does look like that SSID is generating some traffic!

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    Thank you for answer Joel !

    I'm read in manual that Channel Table

    "Grade : Higher power levels near the center of the channel will affect the grade more negatively " what mean ?

    I'm no understand
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    Each Wi-Fi channel is 20 MHz wide. Just like anything with any amount of width, there is a center, and two sides. If there is non-Wi-Fi interference on a Wi-Fi channel, the closer it is to the middle of that Wi-Fi channel, the worse a grade that channel will get. If a non-Wi-Fi device is right in the middle of channel 11, it will get a poor grade. If the interference is on the very edge of channel 11, it won't get graded quite as harshly. I hope that helps!


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