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Thread: intermittent connection problems and duplicate network

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    Default intermittent connection problems and duplicate network

    We've been having occasional (once every few weeks maybe, for a day or so at a time) connection issues with our wifi - browsing becomes slow or unresponsive for computers connected to our router via wifi, sometimes disconnecting entirely, while the computer with a wired connection has no problems. It's not a huge issue due to how infrequent it is, but pretty annoying when it does happen.

    I installed inSSIDer and ended up changing our channel to get us farther away from our neighbors, though there are only 1 or 2 other networks within range, and the problem went away for a couple of months. I started having trouble again last night though, and when I checked inSSIDer, it showed a network with no SSID that was a very close match to our own - same channel, same signal strength, same security type, and almost the same mac address (only the first 2 digits are different.) When I switched our router's channel the duplicate network's channel changed to match.

    Any idea what that signal is, and whether it could be related to our connection problems? Our router is an Arris TG862G/CT from comcast/xfinity.

    Thanks, and here's an inSSIDer screenshot:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It could be a guest network from your own router. Guest networks allow access to the internet but not to the local LAN. Many of the newer routers have that feature. check the configuration.

    The issue with slowdowns and dropped connections is most likely due to some sort of interference from non-wifi sources.
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    I have the same gateway, Comcast svc, same intermittent wifi issue, same phantom duplicate network appearing in inSSIDer scan. Did you ever run this issue to ground with Comcast?



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