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Thread: Should I disable the 5GHZ wireless?

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    Default Should I disable the 5GHZ wireless?

    Just installed inSSIDer3. I am using a Linksys EA6500 and trying to improve wireless through the house.

    One thing I am noticing is that the linkscore varies from 18 to 51 depending on the day. this router has both 2.4 and 5GHZ but none of my devices can run on 5GHZ.

    Would it improve signal strength to disable the 5GHZ? Are there any other suggestions or trips you can provide other than trying each channel and looking at the linkscore?

    Please advise. Thanks.

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    Since 5 GHz is so far away from 2.4 GHz in spectrum, leaving 5 GHz enabled won't adversely affect your 2.4 GHz network in any way. You can disable it if you like, but I'd leave it enabled in anticipation of when you get that first 5 GHz client in the house!

    As for picking the right channel with inSSIDer for Home, you've got the method down!


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