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    I'd like to have the ability to sort the packets by clicking on a column header. Maybe there is some good reason its not possible, but I can't think of it. I can't even tell what the columns are sorted on by default. Logic tells me it should be in chronological order, but it's not, and there is no way to get it that way, so its very hard to track the order of events without exporting to wireshark.

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    Thank you for your feedback! Currently you cannot sort the packet view as you have indicated.

    It definitely should be in chronological order. I think the time column may be hidden. If you right click on the column headers you can turn on "time stamp" or even "packet #" and this will help you see that it is in chronological order. I believe the default display is Time Delta which is the difference in time between packets.

    For anyone that wants to sort the packets beyond Eye P.A.'s capabilities we recommend exporting to WireShark.


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