First of all, thanks for the free inSSIDer utility. It is best software of this kind out there!

Now there is my confusion.

I just purchased a Lenovo Yoga 13. It is beautiful ultrabook but I have heard about its poor wifi performance. So I checked it out with inSSIDer V3, and compared the results I got from the older HP laptop I was planning to retire.

The simple test I did was starting at 3ft from the AP to establish the best possible wifi condition for the test subject, and then slowly walk away from the AP to my family room, which is about 24ft away with a couple layers of walls in between.

The HP starts out with a good RSSI (-25dbm) but a somewhat poor link score (56) and ends up with still decent RSSI (-50dbm) with link score of 28 (

The Lenovo Yoga 13 starts out with a poor RSSI at the same place (-45dbm) but a good link score of 85. At the far end, the RSSI drops to a weak -71dbm with a decent link score of 56 (

The real world bandwidth test shows that they are pretty close when they are not far from the AP. But the old HP laptop outperforms the new Yoga 13 by large margin when they are at the fringe of the coverage.

My question is, how do you make sense out RSSI and link score to determine relative performance of the wifi client? Thanks.