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Thread: Dual SSID

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    Default Dual SSID

    When I first ran inSSIDer, two instances of the SSID (same name) of my router came up, with the same MAC Address. The only difference seemed to be the Max Rate.

    Is this normal, a malfunction, or is perhaps someone repeating the signal?


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    Please post a screen shot.
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    I can't it hasn't shown up again. I rebooted the router and only one instance of the SSID since then.

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    Sweet, sounds like something strange was going on with the router!

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    I just upgraded to inSSIDer and have the same "problem", see image bottom 3 lines.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There are three networks with same MAC, the -55dB are ok - I have a guest network on my router - but the other is not configured, also has no SSID (not shown on image).

    I think it is either a reflection or harmonic of the signal as it is much weaker. What is strange is that the weak signal is on different channels. A reflection could not have this channel shift but maybe a harmonic could (no wifi expert).

    BTW I do not see this low signal on my android wifi finder (which is the only other tool nearby) so it might also be caused by the wifi card /antenna in my laptop (still no wifi expert)



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