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    I have a Cisco E4200 which lately the signal was weaker. I then got InSSIDer and it shows for the 2.4 two networks with same SSID but different MAC addresses. The MAC address for the one with the weakest signal is the one that shows in my Cisco Connect. The other MAC address has twice the signal strength but I do not know where the MAC address is from. This is not my 5 network because its SSID is correct and different from the two 2.4 networks shown. I am new but learning fast so what do I do?

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    One of the signals may be for guest access. That is, internet access only with no local network access.
    In some access points the guest network is enabled by default.
    Are the mac addresses similar? Both Cisco addresses? If you aren't sure, post the mac addresses.

    Here is info about "Guest Access" for the Cisco/Linksys E4200.
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    The Guest access is listed also in inSIDer. The mac addresses in my cisco all start with 58:6D:8F....! The mac address for the stronger signal with same SSID is 20:AA:4B..... Is this a cisco address?

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    20:AA:4B is a Linksys address acquired by Cisco when they bought the company.
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    I just realized that 20:AA;4B is the mac address of my RE1000 repeater. When I run InSIDer in my PC next to my router it shows the signal from the Re1000 which is 50 feet away is twice as strong as the signal from my router which is one foot away. I thought repeater like RE1000 reduce some of the signal and just extents the coverage area?

    Thank You for your replies.

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    A single radio repeater such as the RE1000 extends the signal coverage area at the expense of throughput. It does not reduce signal strength.
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    Thank You but actually according to InSIDer on my PC my signal strength from repeater two rooms away is 75 and from my PC one foot away from router is 32?

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    Check those numbers; -32 is stronger than -70.
    The closer to zero, the stronger the signal.
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    Thank You for the education. This has been very helpful.


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