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Thread: Spooky DDID (strange duplicat)

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    Question Spooky SSID (strange duplicate)

    In my home network I find on 1 laptop (an older Packard Bell EasyNote MH45) a duplicate network.
    Next to the network it's conected to inSSIDer shows a network with the same name, same channel, same signal,
    same rate and so on.
    Only differance: the MAC ADDRESS is made up out of zero's and the vendors name is

    This occurs just on this computer a second newer computer in the network only show 1 SSID.
    (by the way with no vedors name).
    WI-FI adapter is a Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN Card.

    Anyone any idea what is causing this?
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    It is most likely a guest network from your router/access point.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    Well I thought so too, however the guest network is disabled and on the other computer it never shows.

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    I see the same on my laptop, Acer Aspire and also do not have the guest network enabled. I am using Inssider 3 and also have an Almond router used as a range extender. There are 2 with the Xerox Corporation as vendor, using channels 6 and 11. One is listed as Open and the other using WEP. What/who are these? Anyone know?

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    Guest networks are enabled/disabled on the router/access point, not a PC.
    It can be from the Almond device or your main router.
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    Still, why Xerox corporation?
    I see no conection with Xerox, as far as I know thy make copiers.
    Maybe because the ssid is a copy

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    First, a bit of history. In 1973 Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center proposed a personal computer equipped with Ethernet. Three years later Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs published their seminal paper on Ethernet. Xerox is/was deeply involved in the development and bringing to market of Ethernet.

    Second, the hardware address does not necessarily match the marketer who slaps a name on the final product. The Almond device you have may have been produced by a third party under license from a fourth party who held a license from whomever. At the end of the trail is Xerox.

    The bottom line is that it matters not whose hardware address is contained in the first 6 digits of a mac address.
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    Thanks for that insight, it explanes what was for me the most puzzeling.
    Further my mistery ssid has resoved itself.

    As the Moderater first suggested it appears to be the guest network.
    My provider enabled the guest network just yesterday on my modem/router.
    Now I see the same ssid I mentioned before only with a "normal" Mac address and without Vendor name.
    Apparantly the ssid shows itself with only zero's and Xerox corporation as vendor, when guest network is disabled.

    My providor uses my modem/router as a WIFI hotspot. he does that country wide with al his subscribers to provide free internet access nation wide fot all his clients.


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