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Thread: consistent line colors

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    Default consistent line colors

    3 suggestions

    - line color for my "star" network is green in filters (hard to see line on selected grey background); yet network below and chart at right my "star" line color is blue...suggest they all be same color blue; or make the star a user color choice and all lines = star color

    - make each window size user adjustable, like user choice for sizes of 2.5 and 5 GHz windows side to side size; and add height adjustability

    - right chart shows signal vs. time; can you include a running average text value along with the current signal strenght value?

    Thanks for the free tool!!!

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    Hey Doug!

    Thanks for the feature requests! The line is green because the signal strength is good. As it gets worse, the line goes from yellow, or orange and then red. You can see which network is selected with the blue star on the very right.

    I will document that you find the green line hard to see. I'll document your other requests as well! Thanks!


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