My better half just got a new computer, and it is behaving far slower than mine (in terms of connectivity anyway). Her ping is clocking at double mine (what should be an older slower machine) with pretty serious spikes thrown in. I'm leaving in a day or so, so I'm in a rush to try and get this figured out. I've received minimal help elsewhere so seeing as I used inSSIDer to check things out it would also be a decent place to ask for wireless help.

We're in the same location so it isn't the router, but I tested it anyway. It isn't perfect but it's more than usable and any spikes it does encounter don't sync up with ones on her computer.

So I have to assume there's an issue with the wireless hardware in her computer or there's a process bogging things down. I'm going to go through and start manually checking performance as I disable certain processes and devices. At the moment that's all I've got, so I would really love a touch of help figuring this out.