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Thread: Bug? sorting on signal strength glitches in inSSIDer?

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    Question Bug? sorting on signal strength glitches in inSSIDer?

    When I sorted the list of signals on signal strength, sometimes a very weak signal suddenly pops up on top of the list. I have seen this too in the previous version ( I used.

    It is very hard to reproduce and cannot take a screenshot, sorry.

    Hypothesis 1:
    The signal sorting is done as text instead of numerical, because when a signal becomes <= -100 it would be on the top when sorted alphabetically.

    Hypothesis 2:
    The weak signal is set to 0 (initialization, loss of signal, averaging problem, artefact wifi adapter, ...?) which causes it to jump to the top of the list when numerically sorted.


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    Yes - I reported this problem with version 2 - it was like Hypothesis 1 and it was fixed then.

    As version 3 is a rewrite it seem they made the same error?


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    Can you post a screenshot of the issue?


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