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    I cant see my neighbors wireless access points... but I know they are there. How can I "see" them in the inSSIDer3 Networks window?

    I installed inSSIDer3 to try to troubleshoot some access issues in a home network using Windows 7 for the admin computer. We have a Netgear dual band wireless router N600/WNDR3400. Neither my computer or inSSIDer3 shows any competing Access Points outside my home which I is part of my access problems due to channel conflict. Any ideas how to configure Windows 7 or inSSIDer3 to "see" and evaluate my neighborhood AP jungle?

    Thankis. Great software.
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    If you have a wireless card installed on your computer, inSSIDer should show you what networks are nearby, and what channels they are on. If you aren't seeing this, can you post a screenshot? Thanks!

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