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Thread: 5GHz not visible or no sinal?

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    Default 5GHz not visible or no sinal?

    I currently use InSSIDer, listen to an AP ubee EVW321b with an asus USB-351 dual band wireless-N600 USB adapter. This ubee modem/router is said to be capable of sending both on the 2.4 GHz AND 5 GHz simultaniously. My service provider Ziggo ensures me of that.
    So how come I can monitor only the 2.4?? The 5 GHz pane shows no traffic at all. I thought at least my signal would be visible. Either channels in the high regions or low regions are not registering or not present?
    Am I making a wrong assumption or do I badger my provider a little more?

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    Have you configured 5 GHz access on the router? It won't broadcast a signal until it is configured.
    I have a similar router and the 5 GHz band was defaulted to off.
    Old Mod by the Sea

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    Thank you for your question.
    The 321b model differs from the older ones, where it was or/or. Now the router does 2.4 AND 5 simultaniously.
    And yes, of course I configured the 5 GHz. How can you miss it. Both on the same router page...
    With help from my provider Ziggo we found out that the router is functioning properly. My iPad caught the SSID that I gave it.
    So now it is the Asus dual band USB-N53 dongle that is faulty. I think...

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    I would recommend making sure that your drivers are up-to-date, as well as taking your card to a known-working 5 GHz access point to see if it works there.

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    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your advice.
    I indeed downloaded the latest driverd for the USB-N53 dual band dongle.
    And yes, we found out that my home now has a working 5GHz access point.
    I can internet with my iPad on the 5GHz band.
    You know, the USB stick only was 19,95 so I wont bother sending it back.
    Handy to have an extra network card.
    Now I am looking for a sophisticated super-de-luxe dual band router to relay the 5Ghz signaal.


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