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    I just got my hands on a new Android tablet and I immediately installed InSSider.

    Previously I used (still do) InSSider on an XP laptop with and Alfa awus036h Wi-Fi Adapter.

    My first problem was finding a driver - anyone know if someone has developed one?
    I wrote to the Alfa supplier and he told me that RealTek have not written a RTL8187L driver for Android??

    My next problem was trying to find the place in InSSider that would allow me to select the
    Alfa awus036h - it existed in version 2 - is it available in the Android version?


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    As an owner of like three Alfa AWUS036H's... unfortunately inSSIDer for Android only supports onboard wireless adapters. In the meantime, if you are dying to do something with your Android device and your RTL8187, you can use them to get pcap files with Android PCAP. It's pretty fun.

    Keep in mind that the RTL8187 is the only device supported by Android PCAP, which is a great illustration for why inSSIDer for Android doesn't support USB wireless adapters. We'd have to add support for every single WLAN adapter out there, it would be pretty wild!

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    It's one thing Metageek not providing drivers - at least allow the possibility of a user selecting an external adapter - this may encourage others to write the drivers - right now having a good driver will not help !



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