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    These are recordings from a clinic that my company does IT support for. We picked up these recordings using Wi-Spy and it just looks like a mess. They have an MRI and CTSCAN machine in the building. Any wireless client is kicked off at least 3-4 times per 8 hour day.

    From the readings there is short pulses of interference that cover the entire spectrum and I have no idea what they could be.

    The clinic is two stories. The imaging equipment is in the South East corner but these inteference recordings happened throughout the building.
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    This is very interesting. I am currently surveying a large hospital and I am seeing the same sort of interference signature. I have a post in this section recently with my chanalyzer file upload if you wish to check it.. I am seeing some differences though. The interference that I am seeing does not come and go. It is a constant source. Also it seems to get much stronger when I get closer to the windows of the building, almost as if it is coming from outside. Thats not to say its not a hospital device that's causing it as there are a cluster of hospital buildings together.

    I wonder if its coming from a similar source. I too am a bit puzzled by this. We have yet to implement so we are not sure what the impact will be. The interference almost disappears when you set 3-4 meters away from the window. If you get any ideas I would appreciate it if you could update us. Does the interference event co-inside with the client disconnects?

    Obviously MRI is going to produce Electromagnetic Interference, but it was my understanding that the rooms in which they reside are shielded to mitigate the transport of EMI in or out of the room.




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