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    When the “display selected networks” function, what is the algorithm that Chanalyzer 4 uses to decide to display a network or not. I am thinking about how often the access point has to announce it’s presence to be displayed? Interference can make it to where chanalyzer will not be able to hear the AP well enough to display the network. What other things would cause this behavior. Frequency of broadcasts, amount of traffic passing through the AP? The second scan was very close to the Access Point, maybe six feet away. Even being that close PFBF1 looks like it is missing at times.

    Any thoughts?

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    It appears that there are two AP's, VFTC and PFBF1, using the same 00:15:70:cd:84:18 mac addresss.
    This is a protocol violation that can cause many unusual and transitory problems in a network.
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