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Thread: Info on Wherenet RTLS

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    Default Info on Wherenet RTLS

    Has anyone seen what Wherenet or similar RTLS transmissions look like in Channelyzer? I'm working with some container yards and I'm trying to deal with interference. I know that they tend to transmit across the 2.4 spectrum, but I'm not sure how they will affect wifi.


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    Unfortunately I haven't seen Wherenet or RTLS in the spectrum yet. If you find anything, let us know!

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    From what I can find, this screenshot may be the RTLS activity.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Does RTLS not just use ERP-OFDM (2.4GHz)? Would it not appear as any other 802.11 device in 2.4GHz if the client device is to be understood by 802.11 APs. I may have misunderstood the technology of course

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    Now that I think about it... probably yes. Probably typical ERP-OFDM, hence the name "Wi-Fi tags". If you find otherwise, let us know!

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    Sorry for the slow responses, traveling for work a lot...

    The RTLS system (in this case Wherenet brand) consists of location sensors (a specialized bridge AP) trackers, tags, and readers and 'ports'. The tags send out a 'ping' every few seconds (non-802.11) that the LS pick up and triangulate on. This ping is then reported to a server (across the wired network) to get a location for the tag.
    The trackers are mounted on vehicles and consist of a GPS receiver and a wlan client radio. Every second the GPS location is sent over the wlan to a server via a udp packet.
    The whereports are mounted on moving parts for cranes and cargo handlers to track movement, facing, and location. They are typically connected via wires to a tracker which reports their data to the server.

    As far as I've been able to tell so far with Channelyzer, the pings have an effect similar to a FH device on the network. Admittedly, I'm still somewhat new to WiSpy and Wherenet, but I'm learning by fire.


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