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    Digging deeper into 802.11 analyzing; I understand a certain amount of retries is to be expected, especially in high-density environments with a lot of noise.
    I'm trying to get a better understanding of what indicates a problem, or 'too much' retry rate?
    Seems even when not in high-density area's, theirs always at least a client or two with extremely high (>50% retry rate).
    I guess my question, to be precise, is: what should I be analyzing to determine if these retry rates are symptoms of an RF issue, or if they are expected behavior? By RF issue, I'm referring to excessive CCI, or similiar...not non-802.11 interference (I've got Chanalyzer for that).

    I'm familiar with CCI, data-rates, (what I call 'infrastructure' part of wifi design), but am now starting to dig deeper into packet analytics. My goal is to better understand how I can use packets to determine optimal (or sub-optimal) RF design.
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