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Thread: wi-fi issues with too many devices?

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    again thanks for your help

    Iam using WSUS Offline, I will have one copy (for win7,8,8.1, all net frameworks, silverlight and office updates) it uses about 6Gb - so I just will use 4 of our 16Gb or 32Gb sticks that we use for back up - some can be updating FROM usb while some can be BACKUP to usb (as we back up to usb too as part of the process) then swap over - every week or two I will bring the 4 sticks home, stick them on a 4 way hub and run the "update generator" on my PC and then format and copy to all 4 sticks...

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    Default Wifi Issues with Many Devices

    Hi, I am just new here and I am starting to learn about wi-fi connections. Actually, I heard about it already and as far as my experiences it really depends on a high speed wireless Internet regardless of the multiple gadgets you use at the same time. Anyone can stay connected wherever one goes, but I guess, it is correct to say that they vary in cost and speed.

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