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Thread: inSSIDer does not show any wireless networks

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    Default inSSIDer does not show any wireless networks


    I am new here, and I have searched for a good place in this forum to post this, but I did not find it. So I am just posting it here, and maybe an admin can move it to the right place.

    Today I have downloaded inSSIDer home edition and inSSIDer office test version. I also have downloaded the Microsoft.NET framework. But when I started the programs, and clicked on "Networks", there were no networks, and there is a message saying "All NETWORKS ARE CURRENTLY FILTERED". I have no filter on.

    I use the "FRITZ!WLAN Stick N" from AVM. And my computer has Windows 7 home premium 64bit.

    I do not know what to do. Please help me.

    Greetings from stalker!

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    Is your wifi stick up and running? Can you connect to an access point or router?

    inSSIDer has its own forum located here.
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    The Stick is running and connectet to the Access point.

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    Where are you located? What channel are you using?
    Please post a screen shot.
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    Hello again!

    I do not know what you mean with "Where are you located?" so I can just say that I am located in North Germany. And in my house I am located in the first floor and the router is in the room under my room on the fridge, just ~3 metres away from my stick. But my stick is connected to the acces point, so it is not too far away or something. I do not know, why there are no connections in my inSSIDer...

    Here is my connection screen shot:
    (Edit: I also upload a screenshot of my inSSIDer I think that is what you meant with screenshot)
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    The reason I asked for your location is that some areas of the world allow wifi channels that may not be supported. Try this. Click the drop down menu for Security and make sure that none of the boxes are checked. Next do the same for the 802.11 menu.
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    I have already done that. I have googled much about my problem. Normally I find a solution for every computer problem within a few hours, rarely a few days...But I think this program will never run on my pc.

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    Do you have another wifi adapter that you can borrow/try? Not all adapters are compatible with inSSIDer.
    inSSIDer communicates with the adapter to obtain the data for display.
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    I will try it with another FRITZ! WLAN Stick tomorrow. I have 2 other versions of the stick. Thanks for the help

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    The same brand stick will probably produce similar results.
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