is it true if (for example) I have 6 laptops all next too each other that some of them may not be able to connect too the network due to interference from each other ...? also this wifi network is surrounded by many other wifi networks and has other devices connected...

I work for a store and have to update windows laptops in prep for customers, its done via wifi and is a slow connection which i think is DSL also... Iam prepping offline updating programs to use BUT want to suggest to the manager that a switch and LAN cables be used instead...even whilst we wait for this 'supposed' fibre connection gets installed at some stage... right next to my work area there is a tower of switches and god knows what and what looks like coaxial switch on the wall - so could be 'cable' fed

Iam just wondering if Iam right in thinking trying to update 6 laptops (constantly) next to each other over the same wifi is causing issues as yesterday 2 of the 6 would not connect to either the dedicated wifi network or the other used for store demo... just too much interference I think... in the room was wireless streaming of music too by one of the staff which would have been using the same 2.4Ghz band..

any advice welcome... im looking to score points at work to get kept on as its just a xmas thing..

cheers and thanks