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Thread: Unable to get Wifi working

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    Default Unable to get Wifi working

    I'm wondering if you can help with a wifi issue that seems to have stumped everyone I've asked.

    I recently installed broadband into a cafe I run with in an art gallery. The gallery has it's own private and public wifi which both work fine. My router works fine and any devices which are hardwired work perfectly but I cant get the wifi to work at all. I can see the wifi on the list of available networks but it wont connect. It wont even ask for the password just says cannot connect.

    I currently have a n300 netgear router. This is the 3rd router I've tried and when I take the router out of the cafe the wifi works fine so dont think the router is broken.

    I've tried turning off anything that may cause interference - credit card machine, microwave, radio etc but with no effect. I've checked the cctv cameras at the gallery and these are hardwired so should not be affecting.

    I've tried changing the channels (initially tried auto). When I ran inSSIDer I was on channel 6 along with the gallery public wifi so I changed my channel to 11. Initially we were on different channels however the gallery public wifi jumped to channel 11 as well? The RRIS reading for my router is around -45 to -60 and is at a similar level to the gallery.

    If anyone can help I'd be really gratedul. Dont know what else to try.


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    This seems to be a security settings issue. The router and clients must support the same security settings (WPA-2, WPA, WEP).
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