So I installed inSSIDer 3 for Home, as well as inSSIDer Office (trial) to check that out as well.
I've used previous versions of inSSIDer, both 1 and 2 before and figured I wanted inSSIDer 3 for Home on this new laptop of mine.

When I look for wireless network connections on the taskbar tray after a reboot, I will see the usual neighboring networks no problem.
When I start inSSIDer 3 for Home (and inSSIDer Office Trial) in the same newly rebooted PC, I can't see any channels/networks except my own.
When I go back and check the taskbar for available wireless network connections, this too has suddenly been modified to only show my own, connected network. I have to reboot the PC to get the neighbors showing again.

What am I doing wrong here? And yeah, I've tried pretty much every possible filtering on the networks-tab.

My laptop is a brand new ASUS RoG G750JH.
Running Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.
Wireless card is a Killer Wireless-N 1202.
All drivers are up to date.