It's a multi-part question, which I think are related so forming a single post.

When drilling down to a specific client, I'm wondering why there would be a difference between Eye P.A. & Wireshark in 1. Retry Rate and 2. Packet count.
In the below screenshot , you'll notice I've drilled down to the client w/ mac ending in bb:5d. That shows 49,991 packets and a retry-rate of 23%.
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I then send it to Wireshark (File-->Send to wireshark). The screenshot below shows different packet count of 53,481.
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I'm also curios as to the retry rate...which shows 23% in Eye P.A., but filtering for wlan.fc.retry==1 in wireshark shows 17%. Am I wrong in assuming Eye P.A. is looking solely at 802.11 retries to formulate the the retry rate?

I tried selecting "show invalid", thinking it may be that Eye P.A. is filtering out malformed packets, but that changed the Eye P.A. counter to 50,236.

To reiterate:
question 1 is: why would there be a different packet count between Eye P.A. & Wireshark?
question 2 is: how does Eye P.A. calculate retry rate, and if it is just counting 802.11 retries why are the counters different between wireshark & Eye PA? What else, if anything, does Eye P.A. count as a "retry"?