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Thread: Can't download Chanalyzer 4

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    Default Can't download Chanalyzer 4

    I just bought Wi-Spy Dx + Chanalyzer. It says I can download Chanalyzer from but when I go there it asks me to pay for Chanalyzer. Where is the free one that is supposed to be there? I think it's supposed to be Chanalyzer 4.

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    Hey Switch!

    Chanalyzer 4 is still available for download on the MetaGeek Software Archives page.

    That said, it has officially been replaced with Chanalyzer 5, which is a paid product. As someone that uses it daily, it really is a fantastic upgrade, I do highly recommend it. Until December 31st, we are offering it to Chanalyzer 4 users for $250 ($100 off), and that comes with a year of free updates. Hit me up at for details if you are interested.

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    Thank you, Joel. I'll check out the v5 and holler at you if I feel that's what I need.

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