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Thread: Chanalyzer will not start

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    Default Chanalyzer will not start

    Hello, We have jus purchased Wi-Spy 2.4x with Chanalyzer 5, Inc 1 Yr Metacare package.
    Downloaded and installed on Acer laptop with WIN 7 64 bit, all seemed OK, but when trying to start the software...nothing...hard drive works hard for 30 secs, no error message no nothing???

    Are we missing something?

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    Hi Beverly,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with Chanalyzer 5! If you have already tried clearing the Chanalyzer user settings folder, here is what I would recommend:

    Uninstall Chanalyzer 5
    Clear the Chanalyzer user settings folder again
    Reboot the machine
    Download the latest version of Chanalyzer 5 (we are constantly fixing bugs and improving it)
    Install Chanalyzer 5

    If you are still having trouble, let's talk via email at! Thanks!
    Joel, Mobility+, ECSE, CWNE #233
    Technical Trainer

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