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Thread: Chanalyzer versions?

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    Default Chanalyzer versions?

    Would someone please explain the breakdown of current

    Chanalyzer versions? I see from the website that there

    is (or was) Chanalyzer Lab, Chanalyzer, Chanalyzer

    Basic, Chanalyzer 4, Chanalyzer 5, and Chanalyzer Pro.

    I suspect that all of these do not exist anymore and

    some name changes have transpired; however, it is all

    quite confusing when you parse throught the website as a

    new customer. Can I assume that Chanalyzer Lab and

    Chanalyzer 5 are the only two real products out now? Is

    Chanalyzer 5 the version that replaced Chanalyzer Pro?

    ... please help.

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    Hi Farrar,

    We used to offer four versions of Chanalyzer.
    - Chanalyzer Basic (Also known as Chanalyzer 4).
    - Chanalyzer Pro.
    - Chanalyzer Pro with Cisco CleanAir.
    - Chanalyzer Lab.

    With the release of Chanalyzer 5, Chanalyzer Basic, Pro, and Pro with Cisco CleanAir were combined into the same version.

    Now, we just offer two versions of Chanalyzer.
    - Chanalyzer 5 can be extended with the Report Builder module, and the Cisco CleanAir Module.
    - Chanalyzer Lab focuses on spectrum analysis for engineers and scientists instead of Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

    I hope that helps clear if up for you!
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