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    Default seeing different APs on bridged network‏

    I am trying to set up a client bridge/wireless repeater and it seems like it's working, but it doesn't seem like my wireless client is connecting to it. I installed InSSIDer Home and when I view the network list, it only shows me the primary wireless base station and I don't see the MAC address of the repeater. Does that mean that my wireless bridge is not set up correctly? Should InSSIDer show both even though they are the same SSID/channel and I'm only connected to one at a time?

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    It seems that you are configuring a wireless repeater and not a wireless bridge. They are different animals!
    A repeater is an extension of a single network running a given protocol whereas a bridge connects separate networks that can run different protocols. I'm not sure how inSSIDer handles a repeater.

    As for the configuration the repeater only extends the signal coverage. It does no routing, DHCP, etc. which is handled by the primary.
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    Thanks. Turns out I had it configured for client bridge instead of a repeater. Once I got it set up as a repeater, I saw both access points in InSSIDer.


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