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Thread: Add iPhone support as a GPS device

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    Default Add iPhone support as a GPS device

    I know iOS doesn't let you get at the raw wifi device, so I think the way to do it would be to have an iPhone app that just polls the GPS data, then it transmits the data to a laptop via an audio cable. The audio cable would be connected to the iPhone's headphone jack, and to the laptop's microphone jack, and InSSIDer would listen to the microphone and read the GPS data that way. This is the same method that allows people to swipe credit cards with an iPhone add-on that plugs into the headphone jack.

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    Thank you for the feature request! Unfortunately, Chanalyzer does not have GPS functionality at this time.

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    Oops, I had meant this to be regarding InSSIDer, or is Chanalyzer the new version of InSSIDer? I had only used InSSIDer a while back, so I apologize if I'm speaking of the wrong product.

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    To tell you honestly mates, I havenít tried InSSIDer using my iPhone. Any positive reviews regarding InSSIDer? Btw, I need an iPhone repair guys. Can you suggest a technical service provider which is reputable and with affordable charges? Being trendy is an expensive habit but I need my iPhone come to life soon.


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