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    Hi! I just received my Wi-Spy DBX & 2.4 and have been playing with them on a mac at home. I plan to build a dedicated laptop for these along with a ZyXEL card and Tamagraph. On both Chanalyzer Mac and on Chanalyzer under VMWare I seem to get slow refresh -- A bit more then 1 per second. I'm not sure if this is normal or if it's performance related.

    So, does the Wi-Spy need a beefy machine to update quickly? I was planning to dedicate a $500-$600 laptop with something like an i5-4500U processor. Should I be looking at something more beefy?

    Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

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    Nah, I used to run Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy on a netbook, and it was fine. An i5 with a couple of gigs of RAM should do the trick. The Wi-Fi data refreshes as fast as Windows gets it to us, it really ends up having to do more to do with how fast the card can poll each channel for beacons.

    I hope that helps!

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    I've used various VMware versions in the past - mostly Server and Workstation. All of them caused a serious network performance hit. What VMware product and version are you using?

    Because you are building a special purpose machine I'd advise you to not use any version of VMware. I recommend an Intel Atom based Windows tablet such as a Dell Venue (Z3770) or HP ElitePad (Z3795). The Dell runs 32 bit Windows and the HP runs 64 bit Windows.
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