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Thread: Eye P.A. Crashes when switching from ESSID to Radio

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    Default Eye P.A. Crashes when switching from ESSID to Radio

    I've been having trouble ever since new version of EPA was released adding the ESSID and Radio feature in the filter views. I've tried both Win 7 and 8.1 and although 8.1 is a bit more stable, the app crashes quite a bit, most often when toggling between the two views. I'm not experiencing the issue on smaller captures, like the 'sample' ones or files less than 10MB. Seems to happen when I open larger wcap files captured from a MacBook Pro. Just wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with larger files after the update?



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    Hey esp,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble! Can you open a support ticket with us on our website so we can work on the issue?
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